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Land Clearing



Angry Ant Tree Services Pty Ltd
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Land Clearing

Angry Ant Land Clearing provide a complete land clearing and wood recycling service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a top quality land clearing Brisbane service that you can rely on. From brush cutting in Brisbane to fence line clearing, our tree surgeons offer a wide variety of arboriculture Brisbane services to meet your needs


Some of the land clearing services we provide;

7Professional timber cutters and gatherers7Horizonal Grinding & Mulching machines

7Tub Grinding

7Seismic Line Clearing

7Road Clearing

7Subivision clearing

7Fence line clearing

7Scrub Clearing

7Vegetation Clearing

7Tree Recycling

7Bush Clearing7Broad Acre Clearing

7Power line clearing

7Gas line clearing

7Firebreak Clearing

7Tree Clearing


7Shearing of Timber

7Understory Clearing

7Tree waste Transfer & Mulching

Some of our other machinery

7Van Gelder Horizontal Mulcher;7Vermeer Tub Grinder;

7Excavator with FAE Mulching Head;

7Gyro Trac Forestry Mulcher;

7Terrex 100 with Mulcher attachment

7Excavator with Tree Shears and Grabs

7Dozers7Tip Trucks

7Tip Trailers

7Float Trailer

7plus more


What Makes Us Successful?

Angry Ant has the experience to handle all your property clearing and fence boundary clearing needs. We have proudly served the Queensland community for many years and have a good reputation for our knowledge and professional approach to land clearing in Brisbane. We take on both commercial and residential land clearing projects of varying sizes including forestry.A big part of our success in acreage clearing Brisbane is due to our commitment to having the best equipment to get the job done right. The latest addition to the business is the Gyro Trac 13, a machine that allows us to very quickly and effectively conduct land clearance on large areas.


We can professionally clear large areas on your property to give you a clean canvas to do with as you wish. As part of our land clearance Brisbane service, we offer dead tree removal, tree clearing, shrubs and stump removal. Angry Ant are the place to call for top quality land clearing Brisbane services which will allow you to build your home or commercial property. We leave the area completely bare and unhampered by unwanted vegetation. You can count on Angry Ant land clearing Brisbane to provide safe and reliable land clearing services. We are more than happy to answer any question you may have or provide some advice and a free quote on our Brisbane land clearing services.